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The NACCIMA offers programmes and services generally, to serve the business needs of its membership. We are committed to the success of the enterprises of all the Companies of our member Chambers, and Association, Corporate members, etc. By investing in the Association, you will join an Association actively working to impact on the success of your organisation. Some of NACCIMA membership tangible benefits are outlined below:


  1.    Educating and informing members on investment opportunities
  2.     Organizing seminars, workshops and training programmes for Corporate
  3.     Members, Business/Professional Associations, the Press and Members and Chambers of the Association


  1.     Informing members about Federal Legislative Development
  2.     Encouraging and equipping members to express personal and knowledgeable vies on Legislative issues to their legislators and Governmental regulations i.e Public Advocacy programmes
  3.     Assisting Federal Government by furnishing facts, statistics etc., covering industry and services.
  4.     Maintaining a legislative or Government Relation’s Committee to study and make recommendation concerning rational legislative issues.
  5.     Assisting members in connection with tariff and trade agreement
  6.     Representing members in tariff negotiation.
  7.     Lobbying to accomplish objectives of its membership
  8.     Nominating members to serve on Government approved Boards, Commissions and Committees.


  1.     Conducting research activities on economic and social issues affecting business and economy.
  2.     Submission of inputs (pre/post) annual budget to the Federal Government.
  3.    Designing studies to improve products and/or services of members
  4.     Providing data on business and the economy


  1.     News letters i.e. NACCIMA News and Economic Policy Watch
  2.     NACCIMA Business Directory and Nigeria Guide
  3.     Handbooks and manual
  4.     National Business Agenda
  5.     Annual Reports
  6.     Annual Wall Calendar
  7.     Legislative Alert


  1.     Ensuring that members adhere to business codes and ethics
  2.     Issuing Attestation letters to members
  3.     Issuing Referral to members on Visa Procurement
  4.     Creating a number of networking opportunities
  5.     Acting as a clearing house for business.


  1.   Maintaining an on-going relationship between the Association and the media
  2.     Providing trade and professional journals with information on development about the services of members.
  3.     Providing members with information needed to grow their business, Associations and Chambers.
  4.     Conducting working visits to City/State Chambers, Corporate Organizations and Business/Professional Associations to meet and discuss common problems and finding lasting solution.
  5.     Providing mass media with stories and Press Releases concerning the Association.

Upcoming Events

The MMS Machinery Metal & Steel Exhibition, Lagos, Nigeria exclusively showcases the metals and machinery industry. It wll be held in Lagos, the business and trade capital of Nigeria at the Eko Convention Centre, Lagos, from 18-20 October 2017 and is expected to showcase Manufacturers and Suppliers, Machinery & Technology, Equipment & Technology and Technology Services.

The fair is organized by TG Expo International Fairs Inc. Co. Eğitim Mahallesi, Poyraz Sokak, Ertogay İş Merkezi, Kat: 9, Daire: 27, Kadıköy, İstanbul / Türkiye. For more information visit http://mmsexpo.com/

The US-Nigeria Agribusiness Investment Summit is an annual high level expo of agribusiness ecosystem across Nigeria and the United States of America with a focus on agriculture and value addition of the two Countries. The Summit aims to consolidate the gains that have been made in Nigeria’s agriculture environment, and at the same time, to provide solutions to the challenges that bedevil agricultural production, post-harvest management, value addition and market access in the country.

Date: November 16-18, 2017
Venue: Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel, Atlanta, GA. 1031 Virginia Avenue, Atlanta GA 30354, USA

For more information, visit http://usnagris.com/

The 2017 Abuja International Trade Fair (AITF) is an ideal platform for brand building as it brings together Captains of trade and industry, foreign emissaries, decision makers, business persons, entrepreneurs, overseas business delegations, thinkers and lot more.

Date: 21st Sept. to 7th Oct. 2017
Venue: J. T. Useni International Trade Fair Complex Km 8, Airport road, Abuja (After MRS Petrol station).

For more information, visit http://accinigeria.com

Africa International Investment Summit and Expo 2017 brings together the government and the investors, thereby eliminating bottlenecks. The event brings into focus the African aspiration both in rural and urban areas and use the opportunity of coming together to promote these aspirations in economic and social development.

Date: 2nd November, 2017
Venue: Sheraton Abuja Hotel, Nigeria
Theme: “Bringing Government Leaders & Investors Together Towards Sustainable Economic Development in Africa”
Time: 9.00 am

For more information, visit http://www.investworldwideinc.net/africinvest2017/