Welcome to the Official website of NACCIMA

Demo Welcome to the Official website of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA).

The Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce of commerce,Industry,Mines and agriculture popularly referred to by its acronym,NACCIMA,is the umbrella organisation for all City/State and Bilateral Chambers of Commerce with the Federal republic of Nigeria. Since inception NACCIMA has grown into a colossus and acquired significance within and outside the country. It has become the most effective and efficient organ through which the Nigerian Business Class influence Government on a wide range of issues affecting commerce and Industry. During the Military era,the Association was at the vanguard of the struggle for restoration of Democracy in the Country. In order to take advantage of the opportunities which the new democratic dispensation offers,the NACCIMA has improved on its services to provide  prospective investors with the latest information on the variety of investment opportunities in Nigeria. Take advantage of numerous opportunities that abound in NACCIMA by becoming a member and you”ll be glad you did.

Naccima Membership Benefits

The NACCIMA offers programmes and services generally, to serve the business needs of its membership. We are committed to the success of the enterprises of all the Companies of our member Chambers, and Association, Corporate members, etc. By investing in the Association, you will join an Association actively working to impact on the success of your organisation. Some of NACCIMA membership tangible benefits are outlined below:

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Our Objectives

The primary objective of the Association is to create a conducive atmosphere for the pursuit of commerce, industry and all other forms of economic activities of interest to the private sector. In pursuit of this objective, the Association undertakes a wide range of activities which include the following:

  • Promotion, protection and development of all matters affecting business.
  • Contribution of ideas for the overall economic stability of the nation.
  • Encouragement and Promotion of the Nation’s Private Sector.
  • Provision of a network for National and International Business Contact and Opportunities.


“To be reversed as the pillar of Business that supports the growth and development of Private Enterprise and Private Initiative”


As ‘the Voice of the Nigerian Business, ensuring enabling business environment through policy advocacy, and promoting growth and competitiveness of business through proper and prompt information dissemination, using modern technology comparable to the best universal standard of Chambers of Commerce and Industry anywhere in the world.

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